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Chef’s Harvest – Fresh Produce Gourmet Dressings and Gourmet Dipping Sauces

  1. Chef’s Harvest must sustain its value proposition through “extraordinary” activities, not just incremental improvements to build consumer purchase frequency and brand loyalty.
  • 1) All Natural / Health-Conscious Products
    • No MSG, No Wheat Gluten or Whey; GMO Free
    • No Additives & Preservatives
    • Cholesterol Free (except the Buttermilk Chive and Cilantro Caesar)
  • 2) Products were Formulated for the Produce / Quality-Conscious Consumer
    • Focus group panel tested amongst produce consumers throughout the top 10 highest consumption indexed produce dressing markets: Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; Baltimore/Washington DC; Portland, OR; Buffalo, NY; San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA.
    • Featured New Products at 2003 PMA (Produce Marketing Association Trade Show) & New Product Line Winner at the 2003 PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association).
  • 4) Authentic Fresh Produce Ingredients Are Used to Meet Desired Flavor Profile Demand
    • Real Chucks of Fire Roasted Red Peppers
    • Real Zesty Ginger and Soy Wasabi
    • Fresh Natural Essence of Orange with Nutty Black Poppy seed
    • Smoked Chucks of Tomato with Natural Garden Herbs
    • Real Country Buttermilk with Fresh Cut Garden Chives
    • Fresh Cut Cilantro with a Generous Amount of Aged Parmesan Cheese with a “hint of anchovy”
  • 5) Products Exceed Primary Sensory Requirements
    • Appearance: No product (ingredient) separation; color stability & authenticity
    • Texture: Consistency (ie. lettuce wetability), viscosity
    • Flavor: Authentic / Natural for Consumers & Chefs (not artificial)
  • 6) Product Flavors & Award Winning Package Design that Communicates Freshness
    • All products represent new and tested innovative flavor profiles into the produce dressing category
    • Award Winning package design represents the “essence of produce quality” that communicates: “good for you, wholesome, natural, fresh, flavorful, healthy, nutritious, root in the kitchen, etc.”
    • Eye-catching graphics drive consumer purchase impulse and product trial
  • 7) Promote Category Growth & Consumption through Cross Promotions
    • “Hidden Margin Opportunities” through total basket & cross-category promotions with other Chef’s Harvest products (ie. gourmet vegetables) and / or complimentary products
    • Promote consumption through product usage & application ideas Chef’s Kitchen @ www.chefsharvest.com
  • 8) Market Driven vs. Production Driven
    • Our goal is to increase consumption through consumer-oriented tools
    • Chef’s Harvest licensing partner offers a stable cost efficiency programs to secure stable pricing and support our market-driven goals profitably
  • 9) Build Chef’s Harvest Brand Presence & Loyalty in the Produce Department
    • Continue to expand breath of Chef’s Harvest branded impression in the produce department
    • Create brand loyalty by emphasizing the traditional appreciations for culinary cuisine
    • Make the consumer “feel good” about their purchase
      “Making Meals Memorable”
      Strong Communication Statement that Focuses on the Consumption Experience
    • Strong brand name: Chef’s Harvest tested high in focus groups as produce consumers seek new brands that communicate the essence of what the produce department represents.

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