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Premium Whole & Sweet Roasted Red Peppers

Premium Whole & Sweet Roasted Red Peppers

  • Preferred in Blind Consumer Panel in All Categories --Aroma, Appearance, Color, Texture and Taste
  • Consumers and chefs want roasted peppers (red & yellow) that are “whole and larger in size” to utilize in multiple applications
  • Consumers and Chefs acknowledged a 87% desire to purchase & utilize more roasted peppers (as an alternative to fresh) if a product consistently featured the following attributes:
    1. sweet and mild flavor (vs. over-processed flavor)
    2. tender & meaty flavor
    3. vibrant colors for plate presentations

Primary Chef's Harvest Features & Benefits:

  1. Whole Peppers (vs. strips and pieces)
  2. Stemmed and Seeded for Prep Time Savings
  3. Strict Color, Defect and Size Specifications
  4. Eye-Catching Packaging that Defines Product Features & Applications
  5. Chef’s Kitchen™ Recipe Suggestions
  6. Utilize US Grade A -- Peppers

Premium Whole & Sweet Roasted Red Peppers

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