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Marinated Artichoke Crowns

all natural whole artichoke crowns prepared & packed within 8 hours of harvest marinated ready to eat!

The crown represents a 3% yield of a fresh artichoke

  • vs. artichoke hearts (quartered and / or whole) @ 33% yield
  • 1 artichoke crown is the equivalent of 1 fresh artichoke
  • Chef's Harvest offers larger size Crowns for multiple appetizer use hot & cold (ie. filled with Crab Meat & Cheese)

The crown is considered by chefs as the “filet mignon”of the artichoke

  • The artichokes’ base it is the most tender and consistent in flavor
  • The super-premium artichoke offering – “the best cut of the artichoke”

The crown is the “meaty” part of the artichoke that fresh consumers enjoy most

  • Consumers only eat a portion of the “fresh crown” due to its spiny,furry texture

Premium Marinated
Artichoke Crowns

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