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Quartered Marinated Artichoke Hearts (water)

premium quartered artichoke hearts (water & marinated)

  • Preferred over 11 Brands (including Cara Mia) in Blind Consumer Panel in All Categories
    --Aroma, Appearance, Color, Texture and Taste
  • Consumers and Chefs acknowledged a 95% desire to purchase & utilize more Quartered Marinated Artichoke Hearts if a product consistently featured the following attributes:
  1. No Inedible Leaves
  2. Tender & Meaty Flavor
  3. Mild Marinade with Fresh Taste (artichoke vs. marinade flavor)

Primary Chef's Harvest Features & Benefits:

  1. Hand-cut and Packed Within 8 Hours of Harvest
  2. Mild Marinade with Garlic Accents (Consumer & Chef Tested)
  3. No INedible Leaves or Purple Centers
  4. Two Growing Seasons to Meet Year-Round Demand
  5. Eye-Catching Packaging that Defines Product Features & Applications
  6. Chef’s Kitchen™ Recipe Suggestions

Premium Quartered Artichoke Hearts

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